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Payroll Practitioners Association Conference 2012

 Last week Tess and Barbara presented our “Termination, Technology and Tigers” Presentation to the fifth annual payroll PPA conference. We’re in the process of uploading this presentation in video form, but until then here’s a few snippets from the conference that might be useful.



 The “Monday-ising Bill” 

Also goes by the more lofty title of… Full recognition of Waitangi Day and Anzac day Amendment Bill 2012 This seeks to reflect the growing importance of Waitangi day and Anzac day by “Monday-ising” these days if they fall on a weekend. It is noted, however, that this won’t happen with either of the holidays until 2015,  so there is no major rush on this one.. The estimated cost has also been highlighted by John Key as weighing against the bill

“It’s about 400 million if it falls over the weekend for both of them. It’s likely to affect 1.4 million New Zealanders and the recommendation from the Department of Labour is to not Monday-ise those holidays”.



Who Will be Left Holding the Baby? “Six Months’ Paid Leave” Bill

The Labour introduced “Parental Leave and Employment Protection  Amendment Bill 2012″ is pretty self-explanatory, seeking to extend paid parental leave from 14 to 26 weeks (six months) to put New Zealand in line with other developed countries. The major opposition for this Bill is, again, financial and National has already indicated it would not be behind it after Kate Wilkinson, the Minister of Labour, labelled the increase, costing an estimated $150 million ”simply unaffordable”. The Bill attempts to address the economic slump with a little by little approach, increasing the leave by four weeks each year until 2014 when the Government claims its books will be back in surplus, but it faces an uphill battle and Bill English has made clear the Government’s intention to veto the legislation stating:

  “The reason for the veto is just the matter of prudent management and orderly government.”

However, New Zealand’s low standing in the OECD ranks is indisputable as are the benefits to society of well-adjusted children and working mothers who are ready to re-enter the workplace. One thing is for sure, this one will cause a stir..



A Raft of Employment Changes..

 A raft of changes received Cabinet approval on 14 May 2012.  These are mainly a reflection of rumblings   earlier in the year of changes to both collective bargaining and the right to request flexible working hours .

There are also two new changes: the first requires unions and employers to provide notice of a strike or lock out and the other gives employers the right to initiate collective bargaining at the same time as unions rather than allowing the unions their current 20 day “headstart”. However, there is no bill yet, so the full force of the changes remains to be seen… We will keep you posted as this is expected to go before Parliament this year.

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